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Abbreviated 3DCGMRS on this wiki, the 3DCG Mods Reference Site is run/created by the 3DCG Craftsmen's Guild, a Japanese modding community. It archives information related to tso, tah, and archive(zip and other) files, including hash information, body part categories of tso files, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no English version. However, the site is fairly easy to navigate, and is the largest consolidated source of mod information on the internet at the moment.

[edit] Notes on Use

[edit] Basic Notes on Searching

Both of these pages contain information on how to use the 3DCGMRS to find mods:

Reverse Lookup(mods)

Searching for a Mod

[edit] Information Contained on Archive Pages

On any given archive file(zip/lzh/rar)'s page, there are a given number of fields for information. Not all archive files have their information filled out, but below is a translation of what these information fields mean, presented in the same format as they appear on the page.

拡張子: Archive Type

所在: Site of Origin

要約: Description

Origname: Name

出現部位: Item Slot

タグ: Tags

関連書庫: Related Files

Code 拡張子 所在 要約 関係性 注釈

File name Archive Type Site Description Relation to Notes

of Origin original file

(ex: old version)

After that is a list of the tah files the zip file contains, and then two lists identical to the Related Files list, but for Overlapping Mods(usually older or newer versions) and 00 Color Number(usually base mods if the mod is expanding on another mod).

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