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[edit] Eastern

See also Link_policy

Do not link directly to the Japanese uploader sites.

The password is usually "custom".

Name URL
Official Techarts3D Mod Uploader (XPC and TAC) ttp://cdn.3dcustom.net/TACuploader/all.html?1331440042
Official Techarts3D Pose Uploader ttp://cdn.3dcustom.net/TAPuploader/all.html?1331227799
Futaba Custom (mod) ttp://www.nijibox5.com/futabacustom/ [403 Forbidden]
Futaba Timed Uploader (tim) ttp://www.nijibox5.com/futabacustom/time/ [403 Forbidden]
TDCG Craftsmen's Guild Uploader (MOD) ttp://3dcustom.ath.cx/uploader/mod/all.html?1284639946
ESCJ Uploaders--Contains two uploaders (TA, TAC, TA3CH, and 3DCH) ttp://www.esc-j.net/tech-arts/img3ch/tech/ [HAVING PROBLEMS]

[edit] Western

Name URL
Futaba Custom (mod) files past those available in the mod torrent (0472+) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/l75dz6py9y27c/mod0472%2B
TA3CH files past those available in the mod torrent (0719+) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0ee69g5b4jjmu/TA3CH0719%2B
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